Friday, March 12, 2010


I've started to read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. This is the quote in the beginning Chapter 3, "Progress and Perfection",
'Tell us, if there were one thing we could do for your village, what would it be?'

'With all respect, Sahib, you have little to teach us in strength and toughness. And we don't envy you your restless spirits. Perhaps we are happier than you? But we would like our children to go to school. Of all the things you have, learning is the one we most desire for our children.'

-Conversation between Sir Edmund Hillary and Urkien Sherpa, from Schoolhouse in the Clouds

I love this quote because as Americans we feel like everyone wants to be like North Americans. Like Urkien Sherpa says which I believe of myself, I have a restless spirit.....of needing more, consuming more, spending more, goes on and on......


Doesn't life just get to you sometimes. I've never been pessimist, but as I continue to unfold the pages back, things here in the USA are not so good. Everything boils down to money. I GET IT! But there has to be others out there that truly just want to help, like me. There are so many roadblocks you hit in the US, it's so easy to give in Peru.
Eventhough last night I took my own advice at MedZou. There was a couple from Hong Kong, China with their translator coming in for medical help. I gave a big smile and said, Ni Hao, as in 'Ni hao, Kai-lan'. For those who do not have kids, it's a Nick Jr. show similar to 'Dora the Explorer' except it teaches Mandarian. They were shocked because they thought I was fluent in Mandarian, I told them I wasn't, but the smiles I received was worth it. The translator expressed their gratitude because it made them think of home.