Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pictures of My Adventures in Peru

My Peruvian Family, I've grown up with them, I've bonded with all of them... even if it was just through a smile.

Medical Mission- 2008
The woman holding the picture is Ester. She is the cook for hospice, works for free, and when I saw her, it surprised me, since I had not seen her since 1999, on my first trip to Piura. This photo she took out of her pocket when I saw her was a picture of me with her grandsons, who now are grown. It touched me that she had carried me with her all those years. The only thing she asked me for was my green t-shirt before I left.

Bob, the burro and my favorite family, La Familia Chiroque-Ruiz. The family makes a living by selling water, using Bob to help.
The New CLINIC!! It's so exciting! This year medical staff should be able to use this AWESOME clinic for surgeries in the summer of 2010. The organization that makes this all happen is Santisimo Sacramento in Piura, Peru. You can check out all the exciting projects going on in Piura by going to

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